Firefox 3.5.6 Released, 3.6 Code-named Namoroka

Mozilla has released Firefox version 3.5.6 and the update brings with it the patching of three critical security holes and in all about 62 fixes.

Five critical vulnerabilities were in the rendering and JavaScript engines, and in the "liboggplay" and "libtheora" media and video libraries.

For complete details on the critical fixes click here for Mozilla's list of security advisories. Head on here to Bugzilla for an entire list of the bugs squashed.

On another note Firefox 3.6 that was supposed to be launched by the end of this year will be launched only next year and has been code-named Namoroka, after a park in the northwest section of Madagascar, that is full of caves, canyons and natural swimming pools and is also home to eight species of adorable lemur.

Mozilla has decided to celebrate the release of Firefox 3.6 by raising money to protect lemurs in Namoroka park and throughout Madagascar. To help, Mozilla is teaming up with the Madagascar Fauna Group (MFG) that has been working on conservation in Madagascar for more than 20 years, addressing the environmental and social issues that are leading to deforestation and the trapping of lemurs.

Previous versions of Firefox have been named after parks like Gran Paradiso (Italy), Bon Echo (Canada) and Shiretoko (Japan). Mozilla community members in Japan were so honored to have Firefox 3.5 code-named after their UNSECO world heritage site park, Shiretoko, that they created Discover Shiretoko to celebrate the park as an important part of their national heritage and to celebrate Firefox and its role in creating a better Internet.

Published Date: Dec 17, 2009 07:23 pm | Updated Date: Dec 17, 2009 07:23 pm