FIFA 14 to hit stores on September 27

The wait for football fanatics across the globe to get their hands on the much awaited football game FIFA 14 is cut short as EA Sports, on Friday, revealed that the game will be officially launched on September 24 and will be available for sale from September 27.


The game will be initially available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, starting on September 24 as Microsoft and Sony are still to announce the release dates of their new consoles Xbox One and Play Station 4 respectively. But, EA has assured that the game will feature on the above mentioned next-generation consoles also. Unfortunately, the game will not make its way onto Wii U as it does not support the Ignite engine that the studio has used in the game.


FIFA 14, that got a demo at the launch of Xbox one, comes with many new features and developments that promises to give its audience a whole new playing experience. These include Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics technology, which will help in making the game more realistic, while, techniques like team-mate intelligence and ball protect are also expected to be seen with FIFA 14.


The much awaited 'Global Scouting Nwetwork'

The much awaited 'Global Scouting Network'



Though the above mentioned features could be considered as a development over the earlier versions of the game, the ‘Global Scouting Network’ will be a feature that will debut on FIFA 14. This new feature is expected to provide you with an experience of the world of professional scouting as you search for talented players around the world for your club. EA has promised easier navigation, fewer interruptions and live scouting reports through this feature.


The game is available for pre-order and all the pre-orders will be accompanied by a pack of ‘24 FIFA Team Packs’ which can be used to build and strengthen a squad in the Ultimate Team mode. 


"FIFA Ultimate Team is the popular game mode within FIFA that reflects the best recent real-world performances of the world’s best players. Over 3.4 million games of FIFA Ultimate Team are played daily, and over 17 million virtual footballers are transferred through the transfer market on a daily basis, as millions of fans reshape their squads based on the real-world performances of their favourite players." said EA.

Published Date: May 25, 2013 01:45 pm | Updated Date: May 25, 2013 01:45 pm