FBI turns to social media to catch murder and theft suspect

The FBI may have its problems with the Internet, when it comes to downloading content, but is now turning to the Internet to catch a suspect of theft and murder. The FBI had previously been reported to want to monitor Facebook, to the point of developing an app for the purpose and now they're turning to Facebook for help. The bureau turned to Facebook and Twitter users to help them find a man who is suspected of stealing $2.3 million from his employer, out of an armoured car and also shooting a Garda Cash Logistics employee to death. The man is 22 years old and is named Kenneth Johnston Konias. He committed the crime on the 28th of February in Pittsburgh, PA during a work shift. His picture has been placed all over news broadcasts, since then. According to Mashable, Pittsburgh officials say that Konias is wanted in connection with shooting Michael Haines, 31 years old, inside an armoured truck sitting idly under a bridge. The wanted poster on the FBI's Facebook page says that he is suspected of criminal homicide and theft by unlawful taking and robbery. 

The FBI wants to keep a an eye on Facebook. Among other social networks

The FBI wants to keep an eye on Facebook. And turn to it for help.




Konias and Haines worked for a cash logistics company together and that day, they were transporting cash from a casino and a Home Depot. Officials say that Konias left $25,000 at his grandmother's grave and $2,00,000 at his parents' house. He then disappeared, but some of the money has been recovered by the FBI. The FBI's Facebook post got more than 400 shares and more than 100 comments from people mentioning him. One person posted saying they remembered Konias to be impulsive, while another posted that Konias was a good man and the user feels sympathetic towards Konias's family. Facebook and Twitter users are told to called the FBI helpline, if they've found Konias, and not just post to the social networks (for obvious reasons). 

Published Date: Mar 10, 2012 09:55 am | Updated Date: Mar 10, 2012 09:55 am