FB Messenger Android app update makes Stickers easier to access

Facebook has released a new update for its Android Messenger app. The update, which pushes the app’s version up to 2.4.3, aims at making Stickers faster to access. Thanks to the update, you can now hit the Sticker button right next to the location toggle in the Messenger’s chat text field. Along with this, Facebook has included some minor bug fixes. You can grab the update from Google Play.

While the Stickers are supposed to be easier and quicker to access with this update, we couldn’t find the button on our phones at all. We tried updating the app on various devices, including a Galaxy S3 as well as a Galaxy Nexus, and the Sticker button was nowhere to be found.

The Messenger now has easier-to-access Stickers

The Messenger now has easier-to-access Stickers


The previous major update to the Messenger app was meant to get the app ready for Facebook Home. Alongside bug fixes, the update to Messenger added Chat Heads, which let you use the Messenger to chat with people while doing other things. The Chat Heads always stay on top, no matter which app you run.

Back in March, Facebook had started rolling out VoIP functionality in the Messenger app in the UK. The addition to the Android version of the app came days after the iOS Messenger app was updated in the UK with the VoIP feature. Just like in the US and Canada, users in the UK can place free calls to Facebook friends using the Messenger app on iOS devices. The feature on Android was first released in Canada.

A new option showed up next to the photo and camera buttons on users' Messenger profiles. To place a call, you must select the person you wish to talk to and click on the “i” button on their profile to make this option show up.

Placing a phone call will send a push notification to your friends, who can choose to accept or reject your call. In case they do not have the Messenger app or it isn’t running in the background, you can leave them a voice message. Phone calls will be made over Wi-Fi if the option is available, or the app will use your data connection.

However, it has been noticed that the new feature still isn't free of bugs. While the “Free Call” button has been placed inside profiles, trying to place a phone call sometimes throws up an error message that says, “Unable to make calls. Your friend can’t receive calls right now.”

Published Date: Apr 24, 2013 04:53 pm | Updated Date: Apr 24, 2013 04:53 pm