Fake iPhone 5 goes on sale in China for $50

Yesterday, the world watched with bated breath as Apple’s new face, Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 4S – the latest from the technology heavyweight. While everyone was present, and those keeping a track of every update knew that it would be a while, albeit short before it actually hits the stores, a mall in China claims to have it already.  A mall in Fuzhou, located in the Fujian province in south east China were found to have several units of the iPhone 4S in their possession by the local authorities there. The absurdity of the situation doesn’t stop there. According to a FirstPost report, the latest iPhone is being sold with a $50 price tag; obviously it’s fake.

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Difficult to spot a fake one



This incident seems to be on similar lines of the previous instance, where 5 members of a gang in Shanghai were arrested after they were found assembling components to build a fake iPhone (almost genuine in their appearance).  In this case, too, the iPhone 4S’s, which were seized in the raid held definite resemblances to its genuine counterparts, which are yet to get onto store shelves, globally.

The fake version of the iPhone reportedly passes off as a genuine one, well almost! For starters, the phones bore the embossed trademark Apple logo, but for obvious reasons came without the mention of any details of the manufacturer or serial number, whatsoever. However, that is only as far as resemblance goes. Reportedly, the functionalities of both phones showed extreme differences. It further revealed that, the dual-SIM functionality on the fake version didn’t quite perform; the responsiveness of the touchscreen was poor, too. The camera, too didn’t bring anything worthwhile to the table and the images looked hazy.


The report further revealed that these phones were manufactured in Shenzhen, located in Southern China.

Published Date: Oct 06, 2011 11:33 am | Updated Date: Oct 06, 2011 11:33 am