Fake Apple Store Revealed in China

In what comes as a shocker to several Apple enthusiasts in China and the worldover, a blogger from BirdAbroad discovered that a fake Apple Store not only exists, but also flourishes, in one of China’s southwestern cities, Kunming. The blogger happened to stumble upon this rather elaborate "replica" of an Apple store during a leisure trip around the area. The store is complete with genuine Apple products, employees in blue t-shirts with the signatory Apple logo on it, and more.

The sign that gave away the fake store

The sign that gave away the fake store (Image source: BirdAbroad)


The ruse was spotted only after it was noticed that the store had the glowing Apple logo with a blatant mention of ‘The Apple Store’ etched. Any self-proclaimed Apple fan would know that the brand does not mention the words ‘Apple Store’ on its boards, since the glowing Apple logo is an indication in itself. The store, however, admittedly remains a brilliant example of a rip-off. Except for the giveaway at the doorstep, the store claims to ‘match every requirement’ of an Apple Store. Right from the winding staircase, to long identity cards strung around the necks of its employees, to an Apple exclusive seating areas – just about everything has the 'Apple-replica' touch to it.

The not so well-built winding staircase

The not so well-built winding staircase (Image source: BirdAbroad)



Disillusioned (Image source: BirdAbroad)


What seems more bizarre is that no one in the store, not even the employees know that they’re not a part of the original Apple store chain, but that of a mind-boggling look-alike. All they continue to believe, as they walk into their workplaces each day, is that they are a part of the revolutionary technology company, Apple. A clerk from the store though, has apparently admitted that they're not an authorised Apple store.

Published Date: Jul 22, 2011 01:27 pm | Updated Date: Jul 22, 2011 01:27 pm