Facebook's Privacy Shortcuts option makes it easier to find Settings

Have you spotted the new icon between the Home option and the scroll wheel icon in the top-right corner on Facebook? Well, that is the Privacy shortcuts option; you can identify it by the lock icon. Simply put, the new option makes it easier for users to find their Settings. Facebook shares that the Privacy shortcuts option is part of Facebook's ongoing effort to bring privacy controls to the fore, right where users share their content. 


When users click on the lock icon on Facebook, a tiny drop-down box opens, and allows users to pick between three queries – Who can see my stuff? Who can contact me? How do I stop someone from bothering me? Alternatively, they can choose to pick between some other 'Settings' options too, which they can access by clicking on 'See More Settings'. Here users can alter, view and save the privacy settings as per their liking.


Spot the icon at the top-right hand corner!



Users can choose between different areas like General, Security, Privacy, Timeline and Tagging, and others to make changes to. Facebook has updated the location of some settings to make it easier for users to find them and has also included tools to help users manage their content. 


Latest updates in this respect include:

  • New privacy shortcuts at the top of the page
  • A new Request and Removal tool for managing multiple photos you're tagged in
  • Settings are easier to get to, and some have been reworded in plainer language


Interestingly, where users share posts and photos throughout Facebook, they will be able to spot 'new education' about how to control all that they are sharing. These include reminders of the content that users have hidden from your timeline may still appear in their news feed, search and other places on Facebook. Further, to explain things better, Facebook has elaborated upon the setting updates with a detailed list. 


These have been listed under Introducing a new setting, Settings that have moved inline next to the things they control, Existing settings and tools, now also available in privacy shortcuts, and Settings that have been updated, including language changes and moving to a different page. To view a detailed explanation of these, click here.


Earlier reports had elaborated upon Facebook unveiling a new privacy "shortcut" at the top-right hand corner of the website for quick access to important controls. 


Facebook is planning to introduce yet another feature to its kitty – the ‘self destructing’ chat message. The Snapchat-like app, which will destroy messages after having been received, is said to be in the testing stage.


Snapchat became a much used app and became prominent because of its ability to destroy messages within 10 seconds of being sent. A user can send messages that destroy themselves not only from their phones, but the receiver’s phone as well. Snapchat even destroys matter from its own servers. The company even added video capabilities to the app. Clearly, this app became very popular with the youth who used it to exchange messages and photographs.


Facebook too will be looking at implementing similar functions in its chat app, including the capability of deciding the amount of time the message or image remains visible. This move is part of Facebook’s blitzkrieg addition of features to its apps including standalone ones like Messenger and Camera.

Published Date: Dec 20, 2012 07:22 pm | Updated Date: Dec 20, 2012 07:22 pm