Facebook's fidgeting around with the Ticker, for some

If on logging onto to Facebook, recently, you were unable to spot the Ticker, which gives you all details at a glance that you missed, while you were away; you'd be glad to know it's not only you. Reportedly, Facebook has been fidgeting around with the Ticker, i.e. it has been moving it around the place, and even removing it, altogether for some, for reasons best known to them. A report in ZDNet confirms that Facebook, like it does usually has been trying to make some changes to its existing design, and now apparently, it's the Ticker's turn. 

Gets 'biz'y

Playing around with Ticker..



Reportedly, this cannot be attributed to any particular browser behavior, but, it is something that is connected to the user's account. Apparently, these changes have been targeted at those who're not exactly active on Facebook. Those with less than 100 friends on Facebook are among the ones who're seeing this happen more often. However, just as their number of friends goes above the 100 mark, the Ticker resurfaces. Having said that, not all those with less than 100 friends are experiencing this, and in fact some users with several contacts have also been complaining of this. 


So, while we're still unsure as to what's causing Ticker to behave abruptly, we hope that Facebook's got some big plans up its sleeve for it.