Facebook's emoticon status composer now available in India

Feeling super excited or eating a pizza and want your Facebook friends to know? The social network is rolling out new status composers to India finally, where you can insert smileys and icons to your status message, enunciating what you’re currently up to.

The new status composer has a new button that will let you choose between activities you may be undertaking. You can take your pick between feeling, watching, reading, listening to, drinking and eating. Say, if you want your friends to know that you’re listening to Porcupine Tree, then you need to click on “Listening” and search for the artiste.

Of course, you will be able to update your status with your comments too. Once you’re done, you will find a tiny icon of the headphones next to your status, with the artiste tagged onto it.

Rolling out now

Rolling out now


This feature was first tested back in January and started to roll out in April. It has taken more than a month to make it to India from when it first started to roll out, but this will be worth it if you use Facebook often.

What is more interesting is that Facebook is linking pages to these status updates, promoting them and prompting users to like these. Users are more likely to hit on the "Like" button if a friend has put up a page on his status with the “watching”, “listening to” rather than a sponsored story. Essentially, as far as promoting pages go, this new status composer will act like old wine in a brand new bottle.

Back in January, Facebook added that it isn’t using the data put up on these emoticon-rich status messages for advertising. At least, it isn’t yet. This could well turn out to be a goldmine for Facebook, as advertisers would now be able to know users' likes and dislikes on a much deeper level. Say, if you’re at a restaurant and eating a particular dish, then you can check-in to the place with your emoticon laden status, thereby allowing advertisers to view this information and target you for ads regarding places that offer the cuisine.

If you still haven’t received the smiley button on your status composer, don’t fret. It looks like Facebook is still in the process of rolling it out in India and you should be getting it in a few days’ time.

Published Date: May 30, 2013 15:30 PM | Updated Date: May 30, 2013 15:30 PM