Facebook to let you promote your friends' post for $7

Remember Facebook's 'pay to promote your post' feature that it introduced in October last year? Back then, Facebook started allowing a small set of its users in the US to promote their own posts for $7. This way, users could ensure that their posts appeared prominently in their friends' newsfeeds. 


Courtesy an update, Facebook users will soon be able to promote their friends' posts the same way, by paying $7, AllFacebook reports. With this new feature, a user can share an important post by a friend by promoting it for the price of $7, ensuring that it appears prominently in their friends’ newsfeeds. 


A Facebook spokesperson described this new feature saying suppose a user’s friend is running the marathon for charity and has posted some information pertaining to that publicly. The user can lend a helping hand by promoting that post to all of his friends. Any other important detail that a user's friend might want to share can be promoted in the same way, so that more people notice it, since it will appear prominently on their news feed. 

Promote your friends' post now

Promote your friends' post now



What's important to note here is that promoting a post does not mean that it is visible to everyone. Only those that the author of the post has authorised to see, can see it. If a user has friends in common with the author of the post, then their mutual friends would see that the post as shared and promoted by the user. 


According to Facebook, the popular reasons for promoted posts include, charity donations creating awareness, event publicity, selling or renting an apartment or car, announcing important changes or congratulating someone. 


To be able to use this new feature, a user needs to have less than 5,000 friends or subscribers. Facebook will gradually roll out this feature to all its users across the world. 


Facebook's pay to promote posts is being looked at the social networking giant's experiment with creating revenue beyond advertising. 


A couple of days ago, Facebook was in the news for its experiment with a ‘buy tickets’ button for its pet Events tab. Don’t get too excited yet. It looks like this option is available for events only in Israel and the Netherlands. The appearance of the ‘buy tickets’ button on certain event pages across the website was noticed. Not surprisingly, this button merely redirects you to a third-party website where the actual action of buying the ticket would take place.


Event creators and hosts now have the ability to add a ‘buy tickets’ link directly into their pages while creating it. It does seem like a small scale testing right now though with this facility being available only in the geographical location of Israel and the Netherlands.


Facebook is reportedly also testing a new option for the news feed, which will enable subjects of the pages users may have "liked" previously to appear under a new section: "Recent Articles about". So based on the pages that users may have "liked" in the past, the news feed will vary with content that is useful, or be clogged with even more random data.

Published Date: Feb 15, 2013 10:05 am | Updated Date: Feb 15, 2013 10:05 am