Facebook tests tweaked navigation bar

If you have been spotting a slightly different looking top navigation bar in your Facebook account, then you are among the chosen few on whose profiles Facebook is testing it. Inside Facebook now reports that some users have been spotting a rather different-looking top navigation bar, in which the Search bar has been pushed closer to the company logo. The icons to view friend requests, messages, and other activity notifications have been moved further right on the bar. In fact, closer inspection reveals that Facebook has completely done away with the 'Home' button. Users viewing the test design have to click on the Facebook logo to go to their news feed. 


Facebook is known for introducing cosmetic changes to the profile appearance and to the way images are displayed. The tweaks to the top navigation bar are under test, and there is no saying if the changes will actually find their way to user profiles. The most prominent of the changes that Facebook introduced to user profiles in the recent past remains the Timeline.


The tweaked top navigation bar design currently being tested

Inside Facebook shared this image of the design being tested



Inside Facebook's Brittany Darwell shares that the newest set of tweaks may have something to do with the social networking giant’s attempts at drawing focus to its search tool, which it recently tweaked to allow users to “search for people, places and things”. She writes, "We’ve been following the company’s subtle changes that point to an increasing focus on search. In June, Facebook updated its search bar to include the words, “search for people, places and things.” In July, the social network added a “search the web” function to its typeahead search results, leading users directly to a page of Bing results. And after announcing Sponsored Results search ads, Facebook increased the size of the search bar and introduced a “top hit” result in the typeahead in August".


A recent report by The Next Web stated that a video on Hacker News by Killswitch.me depicted that sending a link to a user’s private message increased the Like count by a number or two on the link’s origin site. This may mean that the social networking giant is peering into private user messages, looking for shared links to web pages with Like buttons, in a bid to increase the number of Likes on those pages. 


Among other things revealed, on spotting a link to a page with a Like counter, Facebook ended up increasing it by two. Reportedly, Facebook commented on the issue with, “We did recently find a bug with our social plugins where at times the count for the Share or Like goes up by two, and we are working on fix to solve the issue now. To be clear, this only affects social plugins off of Facebook and is not related to Facebook Page likes. This bug does not impact the user experience with messages or what appears on their timelines.”


The social networking giant is now officially a billion users strong. There are now one billion active monthly users on Facebook, and the California-based company has stated in its fact sheet that it arrived at this milestone on September 14 at 12:45 p.m., Pacific Time. 


Facebook has presented some of its key metrics in its fact sheet. Facebook has registered over 1.13 trillion Likes, and made 140.3 billion friend connections. A whopping 219 billion photos have been uploaded on Facebook since its launch. The data for calculating this number was extracted on September 10, 2012 and takes into consideration the total number of photos that are on the site currently. It does not factor in deleted or removed photos. If it did, the estimates would go up considerably to 265 billion photos uploaded on Facebook ever. 

Published Date: Oct 15, 2012 01:25 pm | Updated Date: Oct 15, 2012 01:25 pm