Facebook Spammed, Yet Again!

Facebook seems to have become the breeding ground for spam that keep increasing and innovating themselves with each passing day.

The latest spam that is doing rounds will catch you unawares, unsuspecting, and will eventually disease your whole system. The beginners on the social networking platform are considered to be among the risky ones, as they’re unaware of the regular spam attacks that happen, as also don’t expect it to come from someone in their own friend list. Yes! the spam first comes to your account posing as a very concerned wall post by a friend, asking you to verify the security of your account, and that there is a way to do so. An unsuspecting beginner, clicks on the link which redirects the user to a site which contains a script reading - JS_DOOLF.SPM.

Immediately then, the user gets an informational bit telling him/her that the verification process failed, and that their account will be deleted. The alternate step being, yet another set of instructions. A harried user follows these obediently, with little realization that with each step they take, the spam inches closer to the crucial, private details and a long friend list of the user. The spam then randomly sends the same message to the others in the user’s list, and that’s how the spam spreads. The only possible prevention tool would be to not click on suspicious looking links.



Published Date: May 24, 2011 02:04 pm | Updated Date: May 24, 2011 02:04 pm