Facebook Scammers Send Out Fake Invites

It’s been raining event invitations on Facebook of late. However, it comes with a warning. According to an IT Security and data protection firm Sophos, this has raised concerns over the recent spate of these spam invitations that have managed to dupe several Facebook-ers.

Scammers' galore

Scammers galore



Most of the Facebook users are aware of the ‘event invites’ feature Facebook offers. However, spammers have used this tool to fool gullible users. A recent example of a spam is a particular event - Who blocked you from his friend list? This event invite managed to get over 165,000 users sign in. An additional lot of over 10.3 million users were left contemplating.

The dupe doesn’t end here. Visitors who in all curiousness attempt to know more about the event are linked to webpages with online surveys, competitions which all act as backdoors to commission earnings by the scammers. Instances of users being asked to reveal their mobile numbers are also common. In these instances, unsuspecting users are signed up to expensive premium rate services.

Although, owing to the widespread nature of these scams, their end seems to be debatable. However, users could do with a little more caution on their part.

Published Date: Apr 08, 2011 12:05 pm | Updated Date: Apr 08, 2011 12:05 pm