Facebook rumoured to redesign

F8 is coming up this week and Facebook has been rumored to have a major profile redesign in store. Sources close to the matter have chosen to remain anonymous, but have said that the changes are major and involve making Facebook a center for consuming media content. This profile change will make sense, as being part of the music and media feature launch that Facebook is said to have in the pipeline.The changes have to do with making the profile more 'sticky', which means that the changes will prompt users to stay on Facebook profile pages for longer periods of time.

Media consumption to make profile pages 'stickier'

Media consumption to make profile pages 'stickier'




The Facebook music and media player will not only allow a user to consume media, but will also allow a user to share what media they're consuming. This means that when you listen to a song on Spotify that information will be shared on your Facebook wall, too. Furthermore, other rumors suggest that Facebook will be pushing importance to Facebook credits and focusing more on e-commerce. They  might even launch a Facebook app store. This may also have to do with Project Spartan, which is Facebook's method of getting past Apple's revenue share system. Project Spartan is Facebook's mobile web-friendly interface which will focus on the purchase of Facebook credits. Since a purchase from the mobile web is not considered in app, Facebook will not have to share revenue made off credits with Apple.


The social network has been very hush hush about these new changes. F8, however, will take place on Thursday, so we'll be able to see then, which rumors had truth to them and which didn't. In the meantime, Facebook's fixing bugs before their big announcement.

Published Date: Sep 20, 2011 10:49 am | Updated Date: Sep 20, 2011 10:49 am