Facebook releases new tools to let media houses display their logos alongside headlines

In a move to give publishers a brand recognition on its platform, Facebook has released new tools that lets media houses display their logos alongside headlines.

Representational Image: Reuters

Representational Image: Reuters

According to a report in AdAge on 22 August, publishers can put their logos next to headlines in the trending and search sections to give readers an idea about where the news is generating from.

The tools come as a relief for publishers who had been lamenting about losing their brand identities on social networking sites where the headlines and layouts of all the brands looked similar.

"When people see those three red letters, they know it symbolises trusted, reliable and real news, so any effort by Facebook to emphasise the brand and credibility of a story benefits the audience as well as the publisher," Samantha Barry, CNN's executive producer of social and emerging media, was quoted as saying.

The move is a result of recommendations made during Facebook's journalism project, which was launched in January. According to a Pew Research survey, only 56 percent of readers recalled the source of news read through social media sites.

"By surfacing publisher logos next to article links, we want to make it easier for publishers to extend their brand identity on Facebook, to enhance people's awareness of the source of content," Facebook was quoted as saying.

Published Date: Aug 23, 2017 14:50 PM | Updated Date: Aug 23, 2017 14:50 PM