Facebook Pages Insight not available since May 13

If you own a Facebook Page for your business or otherwise, you may have noticed that the social networking website has not updated Insights for your Page since the past week or so. Facebook has confirmed that it is indeed facing some issues regarding the updating of Page Insights and is currently working on a fix.

“Page Insights data from 5/13 (May 13) onward is currently delayed in Page Insights,” a spokesperson from Facebook said in a statement to The Next Web. “This is a known issue, and we’re working to update our systems ASAP.”


Fix coming up


Facebook’s community too is full of complaints by hassled page owners and community managers who haven’t been able to access their Page’s insights for over 10 days. It has been noted that Insights have also been unavailable for promoted posts and ads during this outage.

A Facebook employee named Aiden directed harried owners on a thread to the Help Centre page which explained that Pages Insight usually take two days to reflect today’s data. It prompted owners to inform Facebook if the data wasn’t loading properly. None of the active threads had Facebook’s statement on it.

Here at tech2, we noticed that our Facebook Page insights haven’t been updated since May 13 as well. Post level-data is still available if you scroll further down, though.

Meanwhile, data related to post-level insights has made its way back to Facebook’s Pages Manager App for iOS. The social networking giant had temporarily removed access to post insights earlier this month as it released the 2.0 version of the app. You will now be able to check out data about reach, clicks, likes, shares and more on your posts using the Page Manager on iOS.

You can grab the Pages Manager for iOS from the App Store here. Meanwhile, you’ll have to sit twiddling your thumbs for Insights related to the campaigns on your Pages till Facebook patches this issue.