Facebook now has more users in India than in the United States of America: Report

According to a report in The Next Web, there are more Indian users on Facebook than there are users from the US. The findings are based on data that Facebook shares with its advertisers. Facebook is extrapolating that there are now 241 million active users in India, as against 240 million active users in the US. US and India together make up 22 percent of the total users on Facebook. In the top ten rankings of cities across the world, New Delhi has the most users from India, with 15 million active users on Facebook.


Image: The Next Web

Over the last six months, active users in India increased by a massive 27 percent, as compared to only 12 percent in the US. The number of Facebook users in India can only grow much more, because of two reasons. The first reason is that the number of internet users in India is poised to increase by leaps and bounds, only 36 percent of the population in India has access to internet services, as against 88 percent in the US. The second reason is that only 19 percent of the population of India uses Facebook, while 73 percent of the population in US are on the platform. The global average is 43 percent.

There is an imbalance when it comes to gender and age. The active users from India on Facebook are predominantly young, and male. More than half of the users of Facebook in India are below the age of 25. While only 24 percent of the users from India are female, as against 54 percent in the US. Over 84 percent of the active users access Facebook services through their mobile phones. The report concludes that more must be done in India to extend the benefits of internet services to those who do not yet connected.

Published Date: Jul 13, 2017 20:27 PM | Updated Date: Jul 13, 2017 20:27 PM