Facebook Messenger for Firefox now official

A few days ago, it was reported that Mozilla had jumped on to the social bandwagon in Firefox 17 with a few of its social integration features being previewed at the time. Now the developers at Mozilla have officially announced that Firefox is introducing a Facebook Messenger for the browser which is built on a new Social API for the Web.

As per the statement issued by Mozilla, the developers state that "Firefox is the Web browser of choice for hundreds of millions of people worldwide and as social media sites have become a key part of people’s online lives, they want to make it easier for them to use the Web the way they want to."

Firefox has a new trick

Firefox has a new trick


The statement adds, "People visit social sites throughout the day to chat with friends and get real time updates about new activity. In fact, most people online visit social sites to account for about 20% of all time spent online worldwide. we experimented with new and better ways to integrate social into a user’s Web experience and are excited to launch its first social integration with Facebook Messenger for Firefox."

To get started, just upgrade to the latest Firefox and then visit the Facebook Messenger for Firefox page and click “Turn On.”


Mozilla states that once this feature is enabled, a user will get a social sidebar with their Facebook chat and updates, like new comments and photo tags. A user will also get notifications for messages, friend requests and more, which they can respond to right from their Firefox toolbar.

Facebook Messenger for Firefox lets users chat with friends and stay connected with their updates wherever they go on the Web, without needing to switch between tabs or open a new tab. Users can chat with their friends and family while doing anything from shopping online for the perfect gift, cheering their team on in the big game, watching a video or just surfing the Web. Of course, if a user is not feeling social, they can easily hide the sidebar or even disable the feature.

Mozilla states, “Today’s Facebook integration is just the start of making Firefox more social. We’ll soon add support for more features and multiple providers.”

Facebook has also spoken about the new feature of Firefox and stated that earlier this year, Mozilla reached out to Facebook with a project it had been working on in Mozilla Labs. The concept was to build an API that would allow social mediums to integrate content directly with the browser. Facebook claims that it was a natural early partner, having a mature chat product as well as lots of dynamic content in the ticker and sidebar. Mozilla built out the SocialAPI to enable a series of new features to make the experience feel truly integrated, including embedded jewels, ticker stream flyout panels and browser-provided chat tabs.

Facebook states one of the great things about building the product directly for Firefox 17 is that it makes possible dependency on a number of HTML5 standards, such as WebSockets and Shared Worker. This allowed for architecting a messaging stack from the ground up to be fast and efficient.

Published Date: Dec 04, 2012 14:03 PM | Updated Date: Dec 04, 2012 14:03 PM