Facebook messenger down for 90 minutes, back up now

The official Facebook page, on the social networking website, was flooded with enquiry post on Monday after it experienced a limited disruption in its messenger service. According to TechCrunch, the messaging service – both on the web and the mobile platforms – was unavailable for 90 minutes, but was back to full-strength by 7:30pm ET.


This blackout meant that some users were stopped from sending or receiving messages on both the web and the mobile platforms for almost 90 minutes on Monday evening, before the service was restored. The outage has come at a wrong time as Facebook is seeing increasing competition in the messaging space from Google and other mobile messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Nimbuzz.


The blackout has  come at a wrong time as Facebook is seeing increasing competition in the messaging space



According to the report, Facebook confirmed that a small percentage of users was affected due to this outage. Users affected due to this blackout used Twitter to express their discomfort.


On the mobile app, the overlaid list of message conversations that is supposed to pop up when the message icon at the top of the Facebook app is pressed, appeared blank. While on the web the messages like “Down For Maintenance: Sorry”, “Messages are temporarily unavailable” and “Please try again later” were displayed when one would try to send a message.


With Facebook planning to integrate messaging into its status box to increase the messaging rates, such problem could hamper the progress that the social networking platform wishes to achieve.


Interestingly, earlier in the day, Twitter had also suffered some breakdowns.