Facebook makes new Timeline design official

Love it? Hate it? You're going to get it, anyway! 


We're talking about Facebook's latest Timeline design that has been in talks for sometime now. The word is official; Facebook has started rolling out tweaks to its existing Timeline design. The new Timeline, Facebook claims, will help users express what's important to them. Just so you know what to expect, we give you a lowdown on the improvements that you will see soon. 


A refreshed appearance has been the most anticipated change in the new Timeline. Facebook says it is a result of the feedback that it received suggesting that the layout was "sometimes hard to read". On the new Timeline, all posts are on the right side, with photos, music and other recent activities on the left.  

Here's your new Timeline

Here's your new Timeline



According to Facebook, its refreshed Timeline has made it easier for users to manage the things they care about on their About page. The sections, like those for Movies and Books have been redesigned too, giving users that much space to add their favourite movies or books to the list in addition to the space for friends and photos. 


Say, you're a movie buff, then the new Timeline allows you to add your list of favourites to the movies section. You could also use apps like Netflix or Flixster to tell your friends what you're watching. Those who love reading can maintain a list of books they'd want to read or add more to the list with Goodreads. What's more, if one of your friends reads this book that really got you interested, then you can add it to your own with the Add button.  

The section for movies on the About page

The section for movies on the About page



Facebook says it doesn't end there. There are other apps that can be used too. For example, users can add their entire Instagram photo stream as a section on their Timeline. To remove apps from their About page, users can visit the Activity Log. 


Over the weeks leading to this day, the web has been abuzz with talks of what Facebook planned to do with its existing Timeline design. The ones following our reports had a fair clue of what to expect. Earlier this month, it had been reported that the Next Web had information that Facebook was testing a new single-column Timeline design for its users in New Zealand. The new design, of which they had a screenshot, showed that the "About" section had been pushed to the left-hand side of the page and Status updates, and other shared posts section has been moved to the right-hand side of the page. That apart, the name of the user has been shifted too – to be made one with the cover photo – and is written in white. 


The icons for message, friend requests and other notifications have been moved to the right-hand side of the blue strip, while the name of the user had been moved to the left.   


Check out how your profile page looks currently, and you'll notice that it has been divided vertically – with the space for status updates and other posts to the left and the friends lists, photo albums and likes, among other things to the right. So in practice, once the new design rolls out uniformly, the columns would have switched sides. 

Published Date: Mar 14, 2013 10:59 am | Updated Date: Mar 14, 2013 10:59 am