Facebook is building a new app to help Smart TV owners consume its video content

Facebook has mentioned that the social media giant is currently working on a separate app focused on the video content on the Smart TV platform.

This app will run on set-top boxes like the Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV. This new app will only focus and push out video content to the TV so that you don't get lost in other media formats like text and photos that are not meant to be consumed on larger screens.

The company detailed that this move is to target all the Smart TV and set-top box users who wanted more options to consume videos. The new app will roll out soon and is not limited to the platforms mentioned. You can watch all the videos on your Facebook newsfeed which include the videos that have been shared by your friends, family or pages that you follow. One of the most important inclusions is the ability to watch the videos that you have 'saved to watch later'.

This trend by the company is in line with its strategy and addresses the demand and rise of video consumption by Facebook users, as reported by recode. This can be traced by the introduction of Facebook live videos, which was later pushed to Instagram. The company is detailed other updates to improve the video platform including auto playing videos with sound, vertical videos and watch and scroll, etc.

This comes right after the announcement that the company will live stream all the matches of Liga MX 2017 on Facebook live and the announcement that it is experimenting with advertisements in the middle of Facebook videos.

Published Date: Feb 15, 2017 09:19 am | Updated Date: Feb 15, 2017 09:19 am