Facebook Home updated to make it more customisable

After a leaked video showing off a customisable angle to Facebook Home last month, the social network has released a video showing some new features that are now a part of the Android launcher app.

The video has Facebook Software Engineer, Jenny Yuen, talk about how easy and customisable the Facebook Home experience is about to become. The update will see users being able to choose what stories come up on their Cover Feed. Besides being able to choose which apps you want connected, you can even choose the images on the wallpaper of the device.

The redesigned version of Facebook Home will look quite similar to what a vanilla Android locksreen looks like. There’s a clock, the top notification bar, the date and other elements to ease new and older users into the Home launcher. Swipe to the left and you get the cover feed and a shortcut to change its settings.

When Facebook released Home with much fanfare earlier this year, it was an incomplete Android experience. You had to let go of several easy access features you were used to with Android. There were no folders, no widgets, no cusomisation. Thankfully, Facebook seems to be working on improving the experience of the launcher and this update is a major step towards endearing Facebook Home to users.

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Home's new look


Now that Facebook Home looks a lot more familiar, it is possible that more users will opt to use it over the Android experience. Facebook still has a long way to go with making Home popular to the masses, since it’s available only for a handful of devices currently. The updated version of Facebook Home is now available on the Play Store for download.

Published Date: Dec 20, 2013 12:54 pm | Updated Date: Dec 20, 2013 12:54 pm