Facebook Home gets dock for your favourite apps

While Facebook Home has not met with the smashing success the social networking giant was anticipating, it still continues to receive a slow but steady stream of updates to make it a better experience for Android users. A new tweak Facebook Home has received now lets you pin your favourite apps to a new dock in the launcher. 


A feature that had been conspicuous with its absence ever since Facebook Home was launched, the app launcher can now be customised to hold applications that you use the most. This update changes nothing in the home screen but shows these favourite apps at the bottom of the screen, cutting down massively on the time spent on hunting for apps like the dialer or camera. 


A dock for your favourites

A dock for your favourites



Facebook launched Home amidst much fan-fare back in April. However, the Android launcher’s following has more or less fizzled out due to various reasons. The app itself is often labelled as being half-baked, with certain core features that one would expect from an Android launcher missing. It was also accused of being a battery and data hogger, leading to less than impressive reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store. 


Facebook, however, seems to be graciously embracing all the negativity around its ambitious Home project. The social networking giant had promised that it would keep updating the app regularly.


Earlier last month, the app received an update that made it available on a wider range of devices, including Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The update also brought along with it bug fixes and performance improvements. The adding of the favourites dock thus seems to be the first update with features added to Home. 


The update is also available bundled with the Facebook for Android app update. The update for the standalone Facebook app also contains some new features like the ability to adjust who sees a status update after you have published it and the ability to add multiple photos to a message. 


You can download Facebook Home for Android and Facebook for Android from the Play Store.  

Published Date: Jun 07, 2013 08:56 AM | Updated Date: Jun 07, 2013 08:56 AM