Facebook, Google, Microsoft commence hiring at IITs

Getting the best minds in the country work for them is any technology giant's dream. A report in Times of India confirms that despite talks of a global meltdown, three of internet's movers and shakers - Facebook, Google and Microsoft were at the IITs to pick their future employees. The report affirms that Facebook, the popular social networking platform with a userbase of a whopping 800 million has been touring the IITs across the length and breadth of the country in the search of prospective employees. Reportedly, one lucky candidate got himself a salary package of $140,000 (about Rs 72 lakh) per annum, in addition to a relocation bonus and a one-time signing amount.

Vacancy! (Image credit: Getty Images)

Vacancy! (Image credit: Getty Images)



Search giant, Google, too was spotted at the IITs looking for engineers; they would place at their offices in India, and abroad. Google, reportedly, offered salary packages amounting to 20 lakhs to those selected. Redmond-based, Microsoft too was seen in the IIT's, too, looking out for prospective employees for their Redmond headquarters. 


This seems to be a ripe period for the IITians, who're being picked by some of the biggest global brands, today. It definitely seems that the economic pressures, which have taken the world by storm, seems to have little effect on the offers some of these candidates have been getting. IIT-B saw companies like Goldman Sachs, Booz and Company, Boston Consulting Group, Schlumberger, ANZ Bank, Credit Suisse and Sony Corporation hiring. IIT-Madras saw Sony Corp. offering five students salary packages ranging from Rs 30 lakh and Rs 33 lakh a year. 


The report enthusiastically confirms that this year, 12 companies visited IIT-Guwahati, 13 visited IIT-Madras, 20 visited IIT-Delhi and 18 visited IIT-Kharagpur. 

Published Date: Dec 02, 2011 12:25 pm | Updated Date: Dec 02, 2011 12:25 pm