Facebook for iOS updated with ability to change cover photos on the go

Facebook for iOS has been bumped up to version 5.6, giving users the ability to update their cover photos on the go. The ability to set cover images on Facebook has been one of the more significant changes on Facebook in recent times. iPhone users can now take a new cover photo or pick one from their gallery.


Next up is group messaging, another popular feature. With this update, Facebook says it will take lesser taps to start one. Those looking for group conversations are in luck, too, as the update has made it easier to name and find group conversations. 


The updated app is currently up for download on the App Store. The Facebook iOS app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. To be able to use this app, users will require devices running iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimised for iPhone 5.

Change cover images on the go

Change cover images on the go



The Facebook app on iOS devices allows users to see what their friends are up to on the social network. They can share updates, photos and videos too. In addition to that, they can get notifications each time a friend comments or likes their posts. Then there is the ability to initiate group messages. They can also play games and use their favorite apps. 


Earlier in December last year, Facebook released its Photo Sync feature for the iOS and Android versions of its app. It basically makes it easier to share images. This feature lets your phone sync photos automatically to a private album on the web. Whenever you want to share an image, just pick and post the desired image, which will then be viewable by your friends on Facebook.


Facebook stated on its blog: “We began testing photo sync in August and will continue to make it available to more people.”


Facebook has already rolled out the Photo Sync feature for iOS. The highlight of this feature is the fact that photographs are kept private once they are uploaded, and it’s up to the user to decide which photos they would like to share on their public feed. Users can also choose when and how the photos are uploaded by choosing between Wi-Fi and cellular, or they can simply choose to turn off sync.


Facebook mentioned on its support site that when photos are being uploaded over a cellular network, the images will be uploaded as smaller files, of about 100 KB. Over a Wi-Fi connection though, a larger version of the images will be uploaded. Facebook will not sync photos to the site if the handset’s battery is low. 


The same month, Facebook also updated both its Android and iOS apps with the Nearby’ feature; the feature helps discover businesses close to where you are.


According to Facebook, this update attempts to make it easier for users to discover places favoured by friends nearby. Previously, when users used the Nearby function, it would merely list out businesses and landmarks nearby to check in to. Now, however, this list will be sorted by relevancy, taking into consideration likes, rate, recommend and check in at places by friends.


Users themselves can share their own recommendations of businesses like restaurants and theatres with their friends now. The more friends rate and recommend businesses, the more personalised this feature gets.