Facebook field testing redesigned About page

Facebook is field testing a new design of users' About page, according to Inside Facebook. The redesigned About section will have larger images and will allow for greater page customisation. It is reportedly being rolled out to users who have the latest Timeline design, which includes some users in the UK and New Zealand.


One of Inside Facebook's readers pointed out that he got a pop-up on his profile that said, "Add things you care about to your all-new About page." The new design lets you pick apps and the kind of content that appears on your page, and also decide the order in which they appear using the "edit" option. 

Redesigned Friends page with larger icons

Redesigned Friends page with larger icons



The new design is essentially one long page with a section bar on the top. Visitors to your profile can either scroll or jump to a specific section by clicking on titles in the bar. Sections for Open Graph apps summarise user activity in a format that's similar to that of Pinterest. 


Inside Facebook has acquired screenshots of the new 'Friends' page too. The thumbnails on the page are larger now, and there is a navigation bar at the top that lets you view friends from your lists and the various categories Facebook sorts your friends in.

Likes page with a new navigation bar

Likes page with a new navigation bar



The 'Likes' page has been revamped too; it now has larger photo thumbnails and the navigation bar is present here as well. The new design allows users to customise and highlilght sections on TV shows, music, movies and books. These sections will include all the content you have consumed using Open Graph apps like Hulu, Netflix, Spotify and Goodreads, besides pages you have “liked”.


Three new categories, "Want to watch", "Want to read" and "Want to listen" have also been added. Under these lists, users will be shown suggestions of movies, TV shows or books to add; users may even add their own entries. 


The new About section will also let users add third-party apps. You can presently add apps to the Timeline and see reports of your app activity over time. 


Facebook is set to unveil the new, revamped News Feed today. The News Feed, unlike the Timeline has been one of the least changed components on the site. 


At the moment, there is nothing more on Facebook's plans for today, but a new look for News Feed does say a lot. The earliest tweak to the News Feed was back in the September of 2011. The aim of the change was to make sure users don't miss the important highlights in their friends' lives. Then in November that year, Facebook added yet another update to the News Feed. They added a 'Sort' button, which allows you to choose whether you'd like to see highlighted stories first or recent stories first.


Facebook currently pushes highlighted stories first, but you have the option to sort your stories from most recent. The News Feed, even if you set it in reverse chronological order, will in no way be as comprehensive as the Ticker feed. Facebook previously had 'Top Stories' and 'Recent Stories' tabs on the top of the News Feed page and this update brought users closer to that set up. 

Published Date: Mar 07, 2013 13:33 PM | Updated Date: Mar 07, 2013 13:33 PM