Facebook Fails to Stop Spammers... Again

Facebook has recently launched new security features to block spam, but merely after its inception, tons of new ones have emerged, bypassing these security implementations.

Getting (un)popular!

Spammers still running riot after new security implementations



The spam includes messages such as “Facebook now has a dislike button! Click ‘Enable Dislike Button’ to turn on the new feature!” and “OMG!! Why are you tagged in this vid”. Clicking on these links redirects the user to a website where they have to complete a survey. By clicking these it automatically gets reposted on their friend’s pages.


According to tech website CNET, Fred Wolens, spokesman for Facebook told them that there were new methods which spammers picked up after they put out the protections on Thursday. He went on to add that it's an arms race and that Facebook puts out new protections and they come up with new campaigns. When the company announced the new security features, they were calibrated for all the self-XSS attacks they saw at the time.


According to the report, the spammers receive money for every survey completed and the more the spam spreads the more money they receive.


So people this is spam please delete it or ignore it. No one has actually tagged a video of you or there is no dislike button yet on Facebook.


Source: CNET