Facebook F8: Facebook launches ‘Camera Effects Platform’ to help developers build new experiences

Facebook announced the launch of a new platform to enable developers to create new experiences, during its annual Facebook F8 conference yesterday. The new platform is known as ‘Camera Effect Platform’ and it will include two major components, the ‘AR Studio’ and ‘Frame Studio’. This platform combines art with cutting edge technology built after years of research in the field of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Facebook AR Studio_cr

Both components focus on helping developers and artists make new experiences for the users, using an AR engine that is robust in face tracking, 3D rendering of effects and a JavaScript framework that reacts to the changes in the frame. Artists and Designers can use this platform to create new ‘Frames’ and ‘AR renders’ that can be used by Facebook users to express themselves using the Facebook camera in the main Facebook app for smartphones or Messenger app. This will also allow the creators to gain more exposure in a new medium with a growing community to back them up.

Facebook Frame Studio

Developers can use the platform to further enhance the camera experiences by making an animation that is driven by code, data from the scene, mobile apps, web services or touch interaction. The platform adds flexibility to the Facebook Camera that the company announced almost 3 weeks back now.

AR Studio

This new tool will enable developers or artists  in creating new animations, effects and face masks with actions that respond to certain facial expressions, gestures and motion in the frame. Developers can also play with textures or data from other apps to reply in the data to that particular AR mask or experience. You can test the studio as Facebook is accepting the applications now.

AR Studio combines the sensor data of the smartphone along with Scripting APIs to allow the developers to create visual effects when users are moving their phones to pan in the virtual world, access and download data, respond to interactions and change the effects in real time.

Frame Studio

Frame Studio will allow artists to make their own ‘Frames’ that they can later share in the community. The tool is available now and it is a web-only tool that can run directly from the web browser. The interesting thing about this is that anyone with a Facebook profile or page can start making the frames. All the frames that are made by you will appear in the cameras of your friends or the people who have liked your page. It will also feature the name of the creator alongside the frame in the camera. One thing to note here is that the frames must follow the Facebook guidelines.

Facebook has already teamed up with different partners to create such experiences. Some of the partners include GIPHY, Manchester United, Nike, Real Madrid, Warner Bros, Electronic Arts and TripIt.

Facebook Frames Studio for Facebook Live

Artists and developers can also use the platform to make effects for Facebook Live broadcasts which would allow a whole new area of interactions. Facebook is rolling out two AR experiences developed in partnership with partners. The first one is ‘This or That’ where the broadcasters can make use of two options during the live and viewers can respond using a hashtag to pic one of the two given options.

The second AR experience is developed in partnership with GIPHY where the broadcasters can use stickers, ticker and GIFs. The most commented hashtags will appear in the ticker in the video which the broadcasters can talk about in the live video forming a new way to interact with viewers.

Published Date: Apr 19, 2017 12:32 pm | Updated Date: Apr 19, 2017 12:32 pm