Facebook F8: Apple Music will come to Messenger soon, Spotify already available

Facebook F8 developers conference has kicked off and the Messenger platform has got a lot more features added on to it. Here is a list of the major features that were announced by Facebook's David Marcus -- called the Messenger Platform 2.0. But one major announcement was pertaining to music.

"Music on Messenger is going to be a good thing this year," said Marcus. After saying that he demoed how you can share a song from Spotify in your group chat without leaving the Messenger. And as an after thought, added that Apple Music will be coming to Messenger 'very soon'.

Facebook's Messenger Platform 2.0 comes with a feature called Chat Extensions. This feature lets you do multiple things inside the Messenger app, without having to leave the app to look things up.

Chat Extensions lets multiple people talk with the same businesses, at the same time. This is a means for developers to insert themselves in regular messaging. Say for instance, you are group chatting and want to share a song, then you can just select the right bot and send a song through it to the entire group.

In the demo, Marcus showed how you can select the Spotify bot from the Messenger app, select your song using a search bar, and then share it within the app -- all without getting out of the Messenger app. The music will also start playing inside the Messenger app, and you don't have to open a separate music player to listen to that song.

Apple Music will be coming soon to the platform. How soon? That was not told. But it looks like other music streaming services should also come onto the platform, considering Messenger has a critical mass of around 1.2bn users.

Published Date: Apr 19, 2017 10:24 am | Updated Date: Apr 19, 2017 10:24 am