Facebook denies hack in India, assures safety

News of about 2 lakh Facebook accounts in Bangalore being hacked and subsequently misused proved to be too much of a wake-up call to those affected. While some of those who're affected are scrambling to repair the damage caused, there are others who've decided to quit the social networking site, altogether. 


Not hacked...



Facebook, however not only denies that any Facebook accounts were hacked, but also states that the 500 million of its users across India had nothing to worry about, since safety of the users was on the top of their priority list, confirms an official statement from the social networking site on their Facebook India page. Facebook further states that, "There have been inaccurate reports of Facebook users' accounts being hacked. This is not true. Users photos are not being transferred to an unwanted site and no accounts have been compromised. Protecting the people who use Facebook from spam and malicious content is a top priority for us. We are always working to improve our systems to isolate and remove material that violates our terms, and take action on those who is responsible for these types of content."


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Published Date: Nov 18, 2011 11:37 am | Updated Date: Nov 18, 2011 11:37 am