Facebook adds action links to the Open Graph

Facebook had opened up the Open Graph to more applications back in January and it seems now, the social network is adapting Open Graph functions more to suit more content sharing. Previously, the only three functions that the Open Graph allowed were "read", "watch" and "listen". Now functions include, "save this recipe" and "fave this product". According to Mashable, now you don't just have to "like" a recipe that a friend posts, you can choose to actually save it. There is also integration with third party apps, so for instance, if a friend checks in to a restaurant on Foursquare and shares the check-in to their Facebook, you will have an option to remind yourself to check the place out yourself by clicking on "Save this place". Previously with Foursquare, friends could only "like" or "comment" on the check-in.

Notice how you can save a place

Notice how you can save a place



Another service, Fab.com, allows users to add the products they like to their Fab.com favourites by hitting on "fave this product". Alex Wyler on the Facebook Developers' Blog says that action links tie one action to another, and any can be part of an Open Graph story. "Developers can designate an action link for any action they define, which will then appear throughout Facebook." These action buttons, of course are useful in a way that Pinterest allows users to "collect" and organize information, by helping them save recipes and pin places they want to visit. Facebook says that they're rolling out action links starting today.


If you're worried about which links you should click and which you shouldn't, Facebook recently integrated Trend Micro's services to analyze links posted to the social network. The security company will warn users of malicious links as well as educate them on Internet security. The partnership will allow Facebook users to have access to the same kind of security that bigger companies, which contract Trend Micro's services do. What do you think of Facebook's added action links? Will you use them to save places and/or recipes? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Published Date: May 03, 2012 06:52 pm | Updated Date: May 03, 2012 06:52 pm