Face.com shuts APIs, KLiK iOS app to focus on new Facebook products

Facebook has been on a shopping spree. After buying Instagram for a whopping $1 billion, the social networking site acquired Face.com last month for $60 million. Within a month of its acquisition, Face.com has shut its application programming interface (APIs) for developers along with the KLiK iOS app. The Face.com website states, "Face.com has been acquired by Facebook, and as part of this process, we need to close up existing products and services so we can focus on new products at Facebook. We're working with Face.com developers to transition as we wind down support for our APIs.”

Now part of Facebook

Now part of Facebook


The page also states that the KLiK iOS app has been removed from the iOS app store and users can download photos that they’ve been tagged in and photos taken with the app until July 20, 2012. After this date, Face.com plans to dispose of all the data related to the KLiK app. The site also reveals that Face.com won't migrate any data to Facebook. “All your data will be deleted – no exceptions,” the Klik page reads.


The KLiK app for iOS performed real-time facial recognition and could instantly identify and tag friends photos. The app would connect to Facebook and then scan your friends' photos to create facial profiles of everyone in the user's network. The app would then identify people in the pictures you take by comparing them to the facial profiles created from Facebook.

Face.com, which was launched in 2007, had two services up on Facebook - Photo Tagger and Photo Finder. Photo Tagger allowed users to scan their or their friends' photos for known faces. The app scanned photos and batched people for suggested tags that one could then approve. The Photo Finder worked similarly, where the application scanned Facebook photos in your networks and found pictures of you that you never knew were there. Let’s wait and watch how Facebook plans to utilize Face.com’s abilities to the best.

Among Facebook's latest offerings is the Facebook App Center finally being made available in India. App Center makes it easy to find apps through friends and gives apps another way to grow. Each person has a personalized experience in the App Center, with recommendations based on the apps they and their friends use, whether it be games, fashion, food, fitness, travel, or any other lifestyle app. The apps are shown according to recommendations by users. The App Center is available for mobile phones via the Facebook app for iOS and Android, or by accessing Facebook.com on mobile. Since the f8 developer conference in 2011, more than 4,500 apps for Facebook’s timeline have been launched. As of May 2012, seven of the top 10 iOS apps and six of the top 10 Android apps have integrated with Facebook. The App Center has many popular apps such as Pinterest, Rotten Tomatoes, Soundcloud, Instagram, etc., along with many games.