'Eye Mouse' to help the physically challenged use PC without mouse

Thanks to the efforts of four engineering students, the physically challenged now have a way to access a computer without using a mouse. 


Times of India reports that four final-year electronics and communication engineering students in Mangalore, have developed an 'Eye mouse', a device that may prove to be indispensable to those who are unable to move their hands. The students, Shruthi Shettigar, Prasad Nayak, Vanishri and Sandhya Shet of the Srinivas Institute of Technology (SIT) have developed this eye mouse, under the guidance of associate professor Sathish Kumar K and Bheema Shastry, HoD of electronics and communication engineering, SIT.

Making it possible for the physically challenged to use a computer (Image credit: Getty Images)

Making it possible for the physically challenged to use a computer (Image credit: Getty Images)



Sathish reportedly, has even elaborated on the working of the device. He said that the students developed an app and installed it on a computer with a webcam. The computer is connected to a light-dependent resistor circuit fixed to a chair. Now, when a physically challenged person needs to use the computer and sits on the chair, the computer starts up and the connected webcam captures the person's eyeball movements. Then the recorded video is uploaded to the app. Once this is done, the individual can use the computer without using a mouse. "The user has to just stare closely at the folder or icon, and within few seconds the folder opens," he added. With the aid of the movement of his eyeballs, the cursor can be moved to any folder. 


Interestingly, the four students spent Rs 5,000 on their project, and are now working towards getting  it patented. Once patented, they plan to launch it in the market, to aid the physically challenged. 

Published Date: May 28, 2013 09:45 am | Updated Date: May 28, 2013 09:45 am