Exploring Apps Store: Apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note is here to fill the gap between a smartphone and a tablet. This mini-tablet, if we may say so, has a set of new apps for its users. Taking advantage of its attributes like the S pen input, Samsung has dished out some interesting apps for the device. Clearly the device is going to warrant apps that cater to both the business class and  normal users.

Let’s explore them one by one:

Work Apps
iAnnotate PDF
Dealing with PDF files on a mobile device is often considered tedious. iAnnotate PDF is a tool crafted for reading and annotating PDF files on the Note itself. It aims at reducing clutter and accelerating productivity. With PDFs becoming quite cmmon forms of attachemnets for documnents etc. this app, coupled with the Note's large dislay will make working on the go a little lighter.

Edit pdf

For the corporate


Soonr Scribble
Cloud based apps are becoming more and more popular as online storge has taken on a whole new level of usbality. Soonr is a cloud service for businesses that allow sharing, accessing, searching, editing and syncing files. The Soonr Scribble app transforms the Note into a productivity tool that helps annotating any file and restoring it to the cloud.

Smart Pen Apps
Touchnote Postcards
Postcards maybe passé, but creating one digitally can be fun. This is a simple and fun app that prints and sends any digital photo as a real post card. And who wouldn't like to make sure that they're memories aren't shared with friends and family whenever possible right?

Digital postcard

Making digital postcards


Comic Book
This full featured comic book creation app is capable of turning you into your favorite hero or villian if that's the direction you wish to go. With a sketchy type feel and comic book stule layout with windows and bubbles for dialogues, the app allows you to customise your images and transform your "adventures" into, well, adventures.

Turns you into a hero

Turns you into a hero


Omni Sketch
As the name suggests, you can create pictures with this app. Designs and patterns are automatically drawn with procedurals brushes. The brushes in this app use mathemati cal algorithms to draw patterns. These patterns interact with previously drawn lines for detailed effects. It is said to be ideal for the precision of the S Pen.

Keep sketching

Creating pictures


Zen brush
Using a real ink brush doesn’t seem a far fetched thought with this app. It allows sketching and writing with an ink brush, allowing you to relive those childhood memories and create masterpieces all of your own. This app promises that you dont compromise on the texture of a real ink while sketching those perfect strokes.


The ink feel



Clearly catering to the corporate sector and adding fun quotient with the multi-touch input ability, do you think these apps would keep users glued to the screen?

Published Date: Nov 30, 2011 06:02 pm | Updated Date: Nov 30, 2011 06:02 pm