Exploring App Stores: Summer Apps on Nokia Store

Summer holidays are a time to unwind and relax, to get away from the normal routine and spend some quality time with family and friends. This summer, you can use your Nokia phone to find some interesting apps. Be it travel guides, shopping assistance, holiday tracker, or summer cool recipes, these apps will provide Nokia smartphone users with everything they need to make the most of this holiday season.


World Tour

Find all inclusive world destinations and holiday spots this summer. The app provides users with information on holiday spots. The pages contain a scenario of the world's admired holiday places. With this app, discover tropical places from the convenience of your phone.


StreamThru - Travel Assistant

With this helpful travel companion app users can save time and stay one step ahead while travelling. The app allows users to access relevant travel info in one central place. It provides flight status updates on departure day and helps in finding the best places to visit and explore on reaching the destination. The app also provides traffic reports, parking reminders, travel guide, events guide, weather and more.


Image for representative purposes only

Image for representative purposes only



Go Surf!

A perfect app to make your summer more adventurous. The app helps users to learn the techniques and science behind the art of surfing and be better prepared for the next day at the ocean. The app assists with easy-to-follow instructions. It provides you with complete guide to the world of surfing, including tips on safety, balance, movements, and choosing the right board for the right wave.


Summer DressUp

After a sunny summer day on the beach, get yourself ready for the night! Choose from a nice collection of hair styles, trendy sunglasses and sexy outfits. This app is a great help for users looking for assistance on how to dress-up during the summer. The app provides users with information on various dressing styles according to the weather.


MySpaWater Recipes

This app presents users with healthy water recipes. A great alternative to bland bottled water, the My Spa Water Recipes app is a unique collection of simple refreshing fruit and/or herb infused water combinations that are not only natural, delicious and appealing but also invite healthy hydration.


Cheesecakes, Ice Creams & Pies

Cheesecakes, Ice Creams & Pies is filled with hundreds of delicious treats for the festive months of summer. These tried-and-true recipes deliver the perfect finish to a memorable day at the pool or park.


Spot with Wheel

Enjoy the colours of summer with this simple game from the Dokuyi character series. The game is playable over 14 stages. Tab the area that is different, and it shall be marked by a red circle. Find all differences before the time runs out. Wrongful tabs shall cause the timer to run faster.


New updates available

New updates available



For those of you'll who have switched over to Windows Phone, here are a few apps for Nokia Lumia Phones.


Holiday Tracker

Holiday Tracker helps users to keep track of, and plan how to use, valuable holiday/vacation entitlement from workplace. Tell Holiday Tracker how much time off you're are entitled to (measured in either days or hours), then log all the time off you have taken, or are going to take, by adding holiday bookings. Holiday Tracker will indicate how much time off you still have available, both within the app itself, and on the application tile once pinned to the start screen.


Weather Flow

Whether it's raining, cloudy, clear, warm or cold, Weather Flow will provide users with current weather conditions, hourly and daily forecasts. Forecasts and weather conditions are provided for your city and multiple locations around the world. Pin your current location on your screen and the two sided live tile will show not only the current conditions, but also how the weather is compared to yesterday and if it's a good idea to pack an umbrella. Add multiple cities to the app and switch between them to see what their weather is like - perfect for when you're planning to travel.


Smart Shopping 

A simple and effective guide to those planning to go on a shopping spree. Smart Shopping app makes a user's shopping experience more easy. With intuitive and easy-to-use tools, users can accomplish more with less time and money. Features include list sharing, a smart item suggestion menu, hyper-relevant store specials in local area, shopping history, favorites lists, an advanced store manager that lets users create different aisles and product lists for different stores.

Published Date: May 07, 2012 04:32 pm | Updated Date: May 07, 2012 04:32 pm