Exploring App stores: Nokia apps for income tax planning

Income tax worries hover around us, during this time of the year. Nokia has listed a few apps that would help people finalize their income tax papers for the final year and also prepare for the upcoming fiscal year so that one saves and invests, appropriately.

to help with income tax

To help with income tax



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Income tax Calculator - Rs. 75
This Nokia app has been designed to offer step by step guide to calculate one’s tax. Personal data and various sources of income can be fed to the homescreen. It will then take you to the deductions screen and further display an exhaustive list of deductions. Once all this mentioned data is fed into the app, a screen will display details of basic exemption, tax payable under each section, and the total tax payable.
Tax News & Views Widget - Free
Users can ask, read and find information about income tax law in India with this unique app using Taxworry.com. The app lets one stay updated with all essential data, be it house property income, capital gains or share or speculation business. It also reveals new developments of the current Income Tax guidelines and help you plan.
Tax Updates| Friendsar.com - Free
This is yet another app that provides the latest information on the Income Tax laws and guidelines. It assists professionals and students pursuing CA (Chartered Accountants), CS (Company Secretaries), CWA (Cost and Works Accountant), lawyers and others in this field.
Personal Finance Blog - Free
This app has been crafted to help with Savings, Equity investment, Mutual funds, Tax planning, Managing Debt with this app. It puts forth people’s perspective on the type of investments one can make and plan their Income Tax in an efficient way. The app also brings in India centric IPO, FPO and bond related news and updates.
Expense Recorder LiteBusiness - Free
This is a tax planning app that will guide you to start saving and investing from the beginning of the financial year. Probably you can prepare for next year. Expense Recorder is a smart application that helps track your daily, monthly, business, travel expenses and also save money. The app comes with friendly and intuitive UI. Its unlimited filters help customize expense type, currency type, payment type, category type and more.
MobileBIT Finance Tracker - Rs. 50
MobileBIT Finance Tracker can be used for personal expenses and income tracking. It lets one add new records with just a click. It automatically calculates the balance and shows the total money left. Moreover, one can set reminders, for instance what purpose you want to save money. All the data can then be exported to Excel.

Published Date: Feb 18, 2012 11:51 am | Updated Date: Feb 18, 2012 11:51 am