Exploring App stores: Nokia apps for Holi

Be it Valentine’s Day or Academy awards, mobile apps ensure that you stay updated with the latest happenings. Keeping in mind the festival of colours, Nokia has churned out special apps related to Holi. Here are some Holi apps available on the Nokia store, which brings in all information about special food recipes, games, Holi songs and more.

Splash the colourful app

Splash the colourful app


Holi Wishes SMS
This app could prove to be a perfect substitute for SMS. It has a cool collection of SMSes that users can send to their near and dear ones during the festival. It goes without saying that SMS has been replacing greeting cards and this new app lets you do just that.  The app helps users to share updates and greetings on their social network, too, and is available for download for free.
Holi Special Puzzle Free
Nokia puts across a Holi puzzle for fun-filled festivities. The app shows of vibrant, cheerful colours of Holi, which will liven up your mobile. This unique game of fun and frolic asks players to rearrange the jumbled pieces to get a beautiful picture of the Holi festival. One has to recover the image by putting in order the randomly set pieces. Use 2, 4, 6, 8, 5 or Up, Down, Left, Right & Middle keys to swap.
Holi Recipes Free
This app puts forth a lavish spread of special Holi treats. Players can choose and cook their favorite Holi Recipe with love and delight their dear ones in a very special way on this festival. The app shows off a myriad of recipes, featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varities. It also shows the serving size and cooking time required for each dish.
Holi Special Unveiler Free
This is yet another Holi game. This peppy game has vivid colours of Holi to cheer up everyone. One has to clear the covered picture by guiding the red ball. However, avoid the blue killer, moving balls to save your life. The player has 5 lives to complete the game, after every collision, the game will continue from where you left it.
Hindi Songs & Bollywood Music
Music fiends can celebrate the festival with Hindi and Bollywood songs made especially keeping in mind the Holi theme. The app brings to users acces to 250,000+ songs from 35+ Indian languages and genres like Hindi / Bollywood, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Pop, Remixes, Bhajans, Ghazals, Devotional, Sanskrit, Urdu, Nepali and more. It lets enjoying radio with just one click and also lists out all top, popular songs.

Flashlight Touch

This free app lets you light up the screen in a colour of your choice. One can pick the colour from 16 million colours, which have been made available by adjusting the red, green and blue sliders. It keeps the device backlight switched on, until the application is closed.

Published Date: Mar 07, 2012 06:33 pm | Updated Date: Mar 07, 2012 06:33 pm