Exclusive: Nimbuzz Update Introduces N-World for Android

Nimbuzz has been playing favourites as of late. First, it was the 2.0.2 update that introduced the HD voice calls feature for Android first and now, a new update for Nimbuzz Android has been released which brings with it some extremely cool features.

In your menu, being sneaky.

It now lets users access, through its internal browser, a portal where they can choose their own avatars and get their hands on some downloadable content. This portal is called N-World and is only available for Android devices as of now.

No cute puppies for Bots and Games

All you need is to update your Nimbuzz client or download the latest version off the Android Market and you’ll see a new N-World icon in your interface. Click on it and you’ll get to the main N-World screen.

Bling Kitties and Cupcakes, what more could you ask for?

The portal currently displays options for Avatars, Bots and Games, though the latter two are currently greyed out. We tried out the Avatars though, which were pretty cool, and we’re assuming the rest of the downloadable content will make it onto N-World pretty soon.

Victory Roll!

So get downloading and let us know what you think of this update, or the potential N-World has.

Published Date: Jan 03, 2011 04:27 pm | Updated Date: Jan 03, 2011 04:27 pm