Everything You Need to Know About The iPhone 4

It’s finally here, in an official capacity this time. No leaked images just the one the company photoshopped for advertising. Frankly I’m of the opinion that all the hulla-bullooo over the leaked images etc. was nothing but Apple’s pre-launch publicity gimmick. Too bad we can’t prove it. Nevertheless it’s here now and here’s what you need to know about what it can do.

A Bold New Design? Or just a Refurbished look

One of the things that I found intriguing is the new design. The squared-off, flat-backed design (available in Black and White) adds a new level of class to the existing models design. With a few renovations like the volume keys being neatly separated add a little more flavor to a design that is nothing but likeable and upbeat. Apple’s ‘band of steel’ that runs around the device not only functions as both iPhone 4 antennas but is apparently - created from an alloy that Apple themselves have created and is designed to be five times stronger than standard steel. Vertu, eat your heart out. A secondary microphone has also been added to assist with noise cancellation as well as to help better audio clarity for video calls via noise suppression technology.

The rest of the design form is pretty much the same with the handsfree still located at the top near the power/screen lock button and the dual speakers placed at the bottom. It weighs in at 137 grams so it’s not going to be an issue carting around.

The Sim
The iPhone 4 will be using a Micro SIM card instead of the conventional SIM card and the slot has been moved to the side.

A Hardcore Display
The additions to the handset’s array of features include a significant increase in the display’s resolution. Where we once considered the 320 x 480 pixel resolution to be more than adequate the jump to 640 x 960 pixels is something ‘worth looking into’. That’s not all, according to Apple, since the display resolution has a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, this is unequivocally the highest resolution to be found on a mobile handset. Trust Apple to take things to the next level. It’s an LCD display with LED backlighting. It’s also not Apple’s ‘thing’ to be conventional so they’ve gone with a display that supports IPS (In-Plane Switching) Technology. It may not necessarily be better than OLED or AMOLED but it still makes and impression. On the whole, we should expect a comparatively clearer and sharper display in comparison to what we’ve seen in the existing iPhone’s so far. They’re calling it the ‘Retina Display’, seems like an apt name. This display offers four times the contrast ratio of previous models which should make this so much more vibrant.

Of course all of that is just underneath. The surface itself is aluminosilicate glass which means it’s scratch resistant to a great level and also recyclable, if you ever need to upgrade to the iPhone 5, whenever that makes it out. Just so you know, this type of glass is also used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains making it quite durable. This same pane is used on the rear of the device as well. The big question is, sure it’s strong, scratch-resistant to high extent and durable, but is it still going to be a finger print magnet? And

Published Date: Jun 08, 2010 03:36 pm | Updated Date: Jun 08, 2010 03:36 pm