Evernote on Android with updated Skitch features

Just recently, we reported that Evernote, the popular digital memory storage service acquired Australia-based Skitch and the latter launched Skitch for Android application. Using Skitch for Android application, users can capture images, provide annotations on them and share them, too. The latest on this front is Evernote bundling Skitch for Android with some interesting updates. Viewable on Android v3.2, the latest updates include:


Add drawings and doodles on Skitch

While editing notes, or making new ones, you could also doodle and make funny, captivating alterations by clicking on the 'heart' icon on the toolbar, which is that of Skitch. You, of course, would need to have Skitch for Android installed on your smartphone. On clicking the heart icon on the screen, users will be taken to the Skitch application. Once you're done with the doodling and drawing, you could move your 'piece of art' onto Evernote, by clicking the 'Elephant' pictured icon on the toolbar (on the top right), which is Evernote's logo. 

Evernote 4 sKITCH

Doodle along....



Add annotations to existing images

Using Skitch for Android application, users can add annotations to images existing in note, and this means any note with images can have annotations added. Users need to edit the note, and then tap on the image present in the note. The tap movement opens up a window, on which users would have to select 'Annotate with Skitch'. Once the annotations are placed, like before, users need to click on the 'Elephant' icon on the toolbar, and the image will be sent back to the Evernote application. 


Offline access to your Evernote account

Evernote has also introduced offline access. What was earlier limited to only viewing selected notes online, and restricted to searching for notes is now open to Premium users, allowing them to view entire notebooks offline, and search within them, and also look within PDFs. Free users can search within the notes, already created or stored on their Android devices. 

View images in the Slideshow view

View images in the Slideshow view



View images in a Slideshow

Users can now, by tapping on a Skitch-marked image on Evernote, view images in a Slideshow view. The Slideshow view would essentially mean that images will be viewable spanning across the entire screen, against a black background. With a swipe action other images in the note, if any, will appear. Evernote claims that it is possible to still edit a note, while on a Slideshow view. Users could do so by tapping the note. They could also shift through the Slideshow and the Standard views by clicking on the respective icons on the toolbar. 


Better Notebook Sharing

According to the latest improvements by Evernote for Skitch on Android users can get the Notebook Sharing requests via mail with a link included. Users viewing this mail on their Android device, could tap the link and view Shared Notebook within the Evernote for Android application. 


Additionally, Evernote states that some existing features have also been given a facelift. These additions include:


  • It is possible to move notes between notebooks, by tapping and holding on to the note list and in the window that pops up select 'Move to notebook'.
  • The tagging interface is improved. 
  • Files can be saved on SD cards as well,

Published Date: Sep 07, 2011 04:41 pm | Updated Date: Sep 07, 2011 04:41 pm