Evernote launches for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Evernote announced in a blog post that it has released a version of its app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Evernote says that they love tablets and this should help users get more stuff done in school, at work and on the go. The app lets you create, search, view and edit users' notes wherever they are. Evernote for BlackBerry uses a two-column approach: a Snippet-filled note list along the left and the selected note on the right. When users select a note, they can either view it in the two columns or they can view the note in fullscreen by tapping the fullscreen icon near the note title.

Evernote on the PlayBook with two columns

Evernote on the PlayBook with two columns


To make a new note, users need to tap on the new button in the top left of the interface. To edit an existing note, users need to select it, then tap on the Pencil icon. To add a title and a body, users need to tap on the areas indicated. If you want to choose a notebook or add some tags, tap on the relevant icons in the top bar of the note. Evernote for the PlayBook allows users to take snapshots and record audio clips, plus attach existing photos, audio recordings and files to their notes. To do this, users need to tap on the icons on the top of the note. Whatever users choose will be added as an attachment to their note. Users can have multiple images, recordings and files associated with a single note.

The app has a search bar, which users can tap and enter a search. Users can also browse through their notes by either notebook or tag by tapping the selection option near the search bar. This is the first release of Evernote for the PlayBook and they will have updates coming up. Evernote for the PlayBook is available for free from the BlackBerry App World.

Published Date: Sep 10, 2011 11:04 am | Updated Date: Sep 10, 2011 11:04 am