Evernote Hello for iPhone gets Passcode Lock, better business card scanning

The Evernote Hello app for iPhone has been updated to make way for a bunch of improvements, the company's Andrew Sinkov confirms in a blog post. The app (now in version 2.1 for iPhone) was launched in late December 2011, and it helps you remember names and faces for the iPhone. With the update, the business card scanning ability on the app has been improved. Sinkov confirms that although the feature is a Premium one, they've decided to bring their preview across to the Free users. Using this feature, users can add someone to Hello by simple clicking their photo. In addition to that, if the users connects the app to LinkedIn and Facebook, the app will build rich profiles automatically. 

Better businesscard scanning abilities

Better businesscard scanning abilities



Another feature brought to the business card scanning feature is better flash controls. Sinkov adds that they discovered enabling the flash to be best option for clicking consistent business card photos. He noted that there were instances, especially with glossy cards, where the flash got into the way of making the text legible. The updated app now comes with familiar iPhone flash controls. With this, the next time a user's clicking a picture of a glossy card, he can just turn off the flash - all they have to ensure that they are under good lighting conditions. Evernote has included better support for the business card scanning feature on iPhone 4 too, in the update. 


Up next is a new premium feature, called Passcode Lock. Premium users will now be able to enable a passcode lock to ensure better security. The lock will show up whenever users launch the app. To set the passcode lock, users will have to go to My Profile and then swipe to the bottom  of the screen. 

A premium feature - Passcode Lock

A premium feature – Passcode Lock



For those who're not quite familiar with the app, here's some detailing. The way the app works is simple: When you meet someone and you want to remember who they are, if you both have iPhones you can swap phones and enter your information in the other person's phone with Evernote. The app then prompts you to take a picture of yourself to put in the other person's phone. Finally, you return phones and Evernote will send both of you an email with your information. To help you remember more details, the app will store data of where you met like location information and a map and address.


In version 2.1 now, the updated app also features a bunch of fixes. Sinkov assures that they have improved the app's stability and users can now update the Tile and Organization fields for their Hello Contacts. 


In June last year, Evernote introduced the Hello to its Android users. Hello for Android also gives you the option of putting in the other person's information in the app yourself or pulling their information directly from your address book. If you've connected your Evernote account to an account you might have on LinkedIn, you can have the app pull information from LinkedIn for anything that you may have missed. 


When you enter someone's information in Evernote Hello, the application will automatically generate a feature called Encounter, which will help you remember the circumstances in which you met. Encounter will not only include a map and street view of the location in which you met but also notes about the individual, additional snapshots, and any related notes that you have in your Evernote account. Evernote Hello's homescreen features what they're calling a Mosaic which contains the pictures of all the people you've met in chronological order. You can swipe vertically to see everyone and if you tap on a picture, you will be able to pull up the information you have on them and all your Encounters. Since the mosaic is chronological, you will see the same faces multiple times if you've had multiple encounters. 

Published Date: Apr 05, 2013 03:37 pm | Updated Date: Apr 05, 2013 03:37 pm