Evernote gets three updates this week

Evernote has its hands and feet spread across multiple devices and platforms and keeping up with newer tech is a big task that they need to handle as a result. This week, Evernote got three new updates, one for BlackBerry, one for Mac and finally one for the iPad. If you're taking a break from Angry Birds Space, check these updates out. Evernote for BlackBerry is now in version 3.5 and the update makes it easier to add an attachment to any note, as well as remove any attachment you may not want. To do this, one has to open the note and tap on the paperclip icon the top right. This will take you to the attachment screen, where you can add new snapshots, files and more. Also, now after you take a photo, the app will ask you whether you'd like to save and sync the photo at its original resolution or whether you want to scale it down. Those using slower network connections might use this option. Furthermore, the update has included better network connection management, so the app should be quicker all around. It also requires less power than before, so you can save your device's battery. And finally, they've improved the interface to be clearer and more legible. Evernote for BlackBerry is available in the BlackBerry App World.

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Moving on to Evernote for Mac. You can now share your Skitch for Mac files with Evernote. With one click, you can send your annotated images, screenshots and ideas into Evernote and share them through the Skitch sharing interface. Evernote sharing for Skitch already existed on Android and the iPad and due to consumer demand, Evernote has decided to bring the function over to its Mac app. To set up Evernote sharing on Mac, either click on the elephant icon along the top of the app or go to Settings and choose Evernote in the sharing options. Once you have it set up, your images will go straight to Evernote. Also, now that Skitch for Mac can save images to Evernote; all of the photos, screenshots, maps and mockups you choose will be available on any of your devices. Skitch for Mac is available through the Mac App Store


Finally, Evernote for the iPad is updated to include support for Retina Display. Furthermore, updates to Skitch as well as Evernote Peek bump up the graphics for Retina Display. New iPad users will see a more solid Evernote with less pixelation and greater image sharpness. In addition to bumping up Skitch, Evernote also improved transitions between app screens, made device rotation animation smoother and improved the stability of the app when in screenshot mode. Skitch for iPad and Evernote Peek for iPad are available through the iOS App Store. 

Published Date: Mar 23, 2012 09:23 am | Updated Date: Mar 23, 2012 09:23 am