Evernote gets three updates

Evernote, the ever popular note taking service has issued three updates, simultaneously to make your note taking experience a little better. The first update was brought to the Evernote for Windows service, which is now in version 4.5.7. In a blog post, Evernote says in particular, this update brings the Activity Stream to Evernote for Windows. This feature shows you what's going on in all your Shared Notebooks, including the ones that other Evernote users have shared with you. Whenever something changes in one of the Shared Notebooks, a badge appears on the icon to notify you of a change. Each item in the stream is presented with an icon, which represents what may have happened, text describing what happened and the time that Evernote last checked for updates. Updates you will see in your Activity Stream include being able to see which friends join your Shared Notebooks, as well as new notes, edits to existing notes and deleted notes in your Shared Notebooks. The Activity Stream can be accessed by clicking on the satellite icon in the top bar.


Three big updates



Evernote has also brought an update to Food, which the company recently brought over to Android-based devices. The first thing they did was overhaul the photo function, so when you want to add multiple photos from your camera roll into a meal, you will be presented with a multiple photo view, instead of single photo. Furthermore, when you take multiple pictures of a meal, the photos you take will load on a shelf at the bottom of the screen, while you're still in camera mode, so you can continue taking pictures. If you want to delete a picture in the shelf, you need to tap on the picture and tap on the 'x' that comes up. Another feature they've added to Food is Foursquare integration.


While previously you had to enter your location in via GPS if you wanted to add location info to a meal, now you can now use Foursquare, which will help make your location data more accurate and prettier as well. Check-in abilities will be brought soon and you don't need a Foursquare account to use the feature through Evernote Food. Also, descriptions of your Meals and captions can now be longer and sharing a Meal with a friend over e-mail has been updated to let you view the entire meal in an e-mail with your comments on top before sending.


Finally, the third update that Evernote's brought is in Web Clippers for Chrome. If you don't know what Web Clippers is, it's Evernote's way of letting you save websites you like in the notebook service. Evernote has brought Related Notes, which help you write notes on the websites you save to Evernote to Web Clippers for Chrome. So now when you clip a webpage in Web Clippers for Chrome, you will see a pop-up box with two tabs: one to show you every page you've ever clipped from that domain name and the other is Related Notes. The Related Notes tab will instantly populate your window with three notes from your account that are somehow similar to the webpage you're clipping. You can also hide the Related Notes feature by clicking on the small text at the bottom of the window. While this functionality is currently available for Chrome, Evernote says that they'll bring the feature to other platforms soon.

Published Date: Jun 18, 2012 12:48 pm | Updated Date: Jun 18, 2012 12:48 pm