Evernote for Mac updated with new Quick Note feature

Evernote has brought the Quick Note feature for its Mac users, courtesy an update. The new feature allows users to create a note whenever they want by clicking on the elephant icon in the menu bar at the top of their screen. Alternatively, they can use the keyboard shortcut Control-Command-N to do it.


To go about using it, users can open Quick Note, type what they want and when done, save it by clicking on Save to Evernote or Command-Return. If suppose user do not want to save what they've typed on Quick Note, then the content will remain in the Quick Note window and users may add to their note, if they choose to. 

Quick Note feature

Create a note whenever you want



In addition to the Quick Note feature, the Mac update features a redesigned Menu Bar Helper. In the Helper, users can create audio notes and screenshots by clicking on the respective icons. To add images or attachments, users can drag them onto the elephant icon in the menu bar. Until saved to Evernote, every new item will be added to the same note. 


Those keen on trying this out should note that the update is available from Evernote. The App Store version, however, awaits approval and guys at Evernote expect it to be available soon. For those who can't wait, there's the direct download version to opt for, by first closing Evernote and the Menu Bar Helper and then dragging it to trash. Once that is done, users can download and install it from Evernote’s site.

Add audio

The update also features a redesigned Menu Bar Helper



A major Evernote update for Mac users came with the launch of Evernote 5 late last year. Evernote 5 boasted of over 100 new features and it is now available at the Mac App Store. Evernote 5 for Mac users brought Shortcuts, allowing users quick access to the notes, notebooks, tags and Saved Searches. The Recent Notes option allows users to view their five most recently edited or created notes. With Evernote 5 for Mac, when a user views his list, he is essentially seeing all his notes in a single view, even those that have been shared with him. 


The Notebooks feature that came with Evernote 5 allows users to quickly view shared items and their own notebooks. Users can sort the list by notebook name or owner. In fact, to locate a notebook quickly, users can start typing the notebook name and the list will instantly start filtering. The tag list on Evernote 5 displays the tags either alphabetically or by the number of notes that the tag contains. To view the tagged notes, users will have to double click on a tag. With the Atlas view, Evernote 5 on the Mac users will be able to see all of their notes on a map, even those created in Evernote Food or Evernote Hello.


The Note Editor panel on Evernote 5 for Mac has been backed by some subtle but critical improvements, which Evernote claims make it more useful and effective. Evernote has also added a new option to the Formatting menu, which it claims will “make some of our users very happy”. Using this option, users can completely remove all formatting from a note.

Published Date: Mar 13, 2013 11:46 AM | Updated Date: Mar 13, 2013 11:46 AM