Evernote for Mac gets Activity Stream and Retina support

After bringing in several improvements to its Android app, Evernote has been updated for Mac. The new Evernote for Mac 3.2 brings a lot of improvements, reveals its official blog. The highlight of the updated Evernote is the Activity Stream, which is a feature that keeps users updated with the on goings in one’s account. It also brings in update to all graphical elements to support the new MacBook Retina displays.

Updated for Mac...

Updated for Mac...


Evernote is known to be great tool for working with friends and colleagues and the Activity Stream is designed to keep users in the loop of everything that is happening. There’s a new satellite dish icon in the toolbar that allows viewing the Activity Stream. It also shows a bunch of useful information such as user names or email addresses of new people that join your shared notebooks, updates relating to added, edited and deleted notes and a record of individual notes that you share. In case of a new notification, a badge will appear on the icon.

The Activity View displays the most recent change that has occurred since the last time Evernote synched. So, even if there is a note which was updated 10 times since the last sync, only the most recent change will appear in the Activity View. It also makes notebook sharing simpler by automatically syncing notebooks and eliminates the several clicks needed to view friends’ notes. The Activity Stream popup is inclusive of Evernote tips which will disappear once you click on them. Keeping in mind the new Retina display of the Macs, Evernote has updated the app to offer sharp and beautiful content on the screens. The company claims that its design team has worked at upgrading every button, texture, shadow and image inside of Evernote for Mac. Besides these improvements, Evernote for Mac has also added fixes for bugs, and touts the app to be more reliable sync, with faster sharing and a number of stability enhancements.

Yesterday, Evernote updated its app for Android, especially tablet users. The upgrades include a completely redesigned tablet interface coupled with a new note view. The popular note taking application has been spruced up to work well on 7-inch tablets such as the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire. The Evernote app for Android also boasts of a new homescreen and the user only needs to tap on the screen to create a new note or view his or her notebook, tags and place views. The update also brings in a host of swipe interactions, which Evernote believes improves navigation through the app. It allows users to swipe the note list to view it on full-screen mode or swipe it in the opposite direction to get back to the left panel. The design of the Note list, too has undergone a change in the update for Android.

Currently, the Mac for Evernote upgrade is available only through Evernote’s site. Users will be able to download Evernote for Mac 3.2 from the App Store only when it is approved by Apple.

Published Date: Jul 19, 2012 03:56 pm | Updated Date: Jul 19, 2012 03:56 pm