Evernote for iOS gets better PDF support, more formatting options

Evernote for iOS has received a cool new update that brings better PDF support, Evernote Business improvements and more features to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

While the app has been updated with new features, it looks like some users are experiencing crashes after upgrading. Evernote has mentioned that it is aware of the fact and is working on a fix.

Evernote's new PDF viewer has lets you view PDFs in landscape and has a rotation lock option. A new multi-page feature lets you jump to any page in your PDF by tapping on the page images at the bottom. Alternatively, you can tap on the grid icon in the top left corner. You can also tap the magnifying glass to search within the PDF. Premium subscribers will also be able to search inside scanned PDFs.

The update also adds a couple of formatting options: a “simplify formatting” option cleans up all formatting issues, especially with web clippings, while the “make plain text” options removes all rich text, formatting and images from the clip.

The Snippets feature for iPad is a cool new addition

The Snippets feature for iPad is a cool new addition


Version 5.2 of Evernote has added a few new features while sprucing up existing ones in the archive app. Specific to the iPad version of the app, Evernote has added a feature called Snippets. It’s a new list mode that makes it easy for you to scan through your notes as quickly as possible, letting you jump between dates using the scrubber on the right edge of the screen. To access snippets, you need to pull down from the top of the note list and tap on the icon. Snippets has been designed to come up as a split-screen that lets you edit and view your notes list at the same time.


People who use Evernote Business are in luck with this update. You can now download any or all of your Business Notebooks to your device, allowing the notes to load instantly even without a network connection.

Evernote was bumped to version 5 with much fanfare back in November last year, and was redesigned completely. Evernote 5 allowed users to create a new note or browse to an existing one with equal speed. To enable this, it divided the screen into two sections: Quick Notes and Views. Located at the top of the app, the Quick Notes button allowed a user to create a new text note, start a snapshot or digitise physical documents with Page Camera. The “Views” tab under the Quick Notes buttons was designed to help users get to their notes the way that works best for them.

Published Date: Mar 01, 2013 01:51 pm | Updated Date: Mar 01, 2013 01:51 pm