Evernote for Android updated, brings new camera modes, shortcuts

The Evernote app for Android has been updated to version 5. The update brings a host of new features, including new camera functionality, the Shortcuts feature that was previously only available on the Mac version, and a couple of new Premium features.


The camera enhancements include a new mode called Multi-shot Camera. Users can capture multiple photos with this camera, and choose which ones to save to a note. The other camera enhancement is called Page Camera. Evernote likens it to having a scanner in one's pocket. Upon enabling it, users will be able to save physical documents and papers in Evernote. All users have to do is align the page with a rectangle on the screen and take a snap. The app will find the edges of the page, remove any shadows and improve the contrast.

Multi-shot camera

Click multiple photos and save them into a note



Evernote has also enabled its app to work with Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine. On the Smart Notebook, each page has dots instead of lines. When clicking a photo of the page using the new Page Camera, the dots are used to improve contrast and correct skew, thereby giving a better image. Evernote says the experience is optimised for their handwriting recognition technology, allowing users to search for their notes in Evernote.


Every Evernote Smart Notebook includes a set of Smart Stickers in the back pocket. Upon applying a Smart Sticker to a page in the Smart Notebook and taking a photo with Page Camera, the sticker will be detected and assigned a tag or a notebook to the note. By going to the Settings option, users can define the Smart Stickers to anything they like.

Smart Notebook

Smart Notebook comes with Smart Stickers



The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine is available in small ($24.95) and large ($29.95) sizes. Users can pick their choice of two paper patterns (lined and squared). Each notebook also comes with a code for three months of Evernote Premium.


Evernote has brought its Shortcuts feature to its Android users too. The feature allows users to jump to notes, notebooks and tags that they use often. To create a Shortcut, users have to open the Shortcut Panel by swiping from the right edge of the screen on the note list, notebook list, tag list or within a single note. Evernote shortcuts sync across platforms.






Evernote has also introduced a Premium feature called Document Search. Now when users search their account, any documents, spreadsheets and presentations with the matching words will also appear in their results. It includes files created in Microsoft Office and iWork. Premium users also have advanced PDF search, which makes their scanned PDFs searchable.


Evernote Business users now have support for Business Tags. Upon tapping on the tag view, users will be able to filter by Business Tags and edit the tags within Business Notebooks.


Evernote states that it has redesigned the note lists to give each more definition, thereby making them easier to see and tap. "We also redrew every icon throughout the app to make them more refined and beautiful. There are tons of other small details, tweaks and improvements that make this the best looking Evernote for Android ever," the post adds.

Published Date: Mar 26, 2013 19:57 PM | Updated Date: Mar 26, 2013 19:57 PM