Evernote Food comes to Android

Evernote Food came out with Evernote Hello for iOS about six months ago, but brought Hello for Android without Food. Have no fear, foodies, Evernote Food for Android is finally here. The company announced in a blog post that with Evernote Food coming to Android, users can remember meals they've had and save age old recipes. They say, "Evernote Food is designed to make it easy to save and find every meal that you create and enjoy." When you launch the app, the first thing you will be prompted to do is make a Meal. At the top of every meal, you will see your swipeable snapshots. You can have as many pictures as you like for every Meal. Pictures not only help you remember what your food looked like, but also the context and location in which you ate it. You can use images that already have existed in your photo library and Evernote will attach the date to the image of when it was taken. You can also add a caption to the image to help you remember more detail. Images can always be added or removed to each Meal.




Your Meal can also be given a title and if you don't add one, Evernote will add its own title based on time of day (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and the place. You can also add tags to your Meals, which will help you look for one meal from another. Evernote also lets you add the location of a Meal. When you select the location, Evernote will drop a pin on a map and you can even get  more specific when the map pulls up venues and places. The locations feature is powered by Foursquare. You can also add your own locations like "home" and "grandma's house".


Since Evernote Food is contained within the Evernote family of applications, any information you add to Evernote Food on your Android device will automatically get synced across all your other Evernote apps. The app also adds a "Related Notes" section at the bottom of each meal in which it shows you any notes that it might think you should add to your Meal. This is usually to provide content that the app thinks might match your Meal, so for instance, if you took pictures of a lunch meeting with your colleagues, the app might add the pictures of your colleagues to the collection of images of your Meal. Your Meals can also be shared and users seeing your Meal will be able to access it with a link that Evernote provides. They will be able to see your Meal in a webpage format.


The interface provided in Evernote Food is one of scrolling. Initially, when you only have a few meals, finding them by scrolling up and down is easy enough, but eventually, when you gather enough Meals, you're going to want to use the search function to find a particular Meal. You can perform searches by titles, captions, locations or anything else that you might remember about that meal. Evernote Food is available for free from Google Play store.

Published Date: Jun 08, 2012 04:02 pm | Updated Date: Jun 08, 2012 04:02 pm