Evernote Food app updated to version 2.0

Evernote Food app has been updated to version 2.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. Evernote's Andrew Sinkov shares in an official blog post that the updated app is one of the most beautiful, fun and complete food applications ever. 


Now when a user opens the Evernote Food 2.0 app, he will be offered four options – Explore Recipes, My Cookbook, Restaurants and My Meals. This new feature is as a result of the thought that a meal usually starts hours, days, even weeks before one takes their first bite. What starts as an idea turns into a plan and finally an experience – and the app has been designed such. Those using their iPhone or iPod touch for the Evernote Food 2.0 app, a simple swipe or tap of the header will bring any section into full view. Those using the iPad for the app will have to tap on a section and it opens to show the user all of its content. 

Pick from the main options

Pick from the main options



At the outset, users have the Explore Recipes option, which Sinkov refers to as the 'starting point'. Here, users can swipe through several recipes from the best food blogs and websites. Users can then tap on any recipe of their choice and the blog will load right within their app. Interestingly, if users likes the recipe, then they can attach the recipe to their Evernote account by tapping on the scissors. They can then add tags or notes to it. 


Alternatively, users can search through all the recipes – by dish, ingredients and even by blog name. On the iPad, users can tap on the magnifying glass and key in their search. The results thus will incude any 'matching blog post' and other items from your account. Moving over to the My Cookbook section of the app, every recipe that a user clips using the app will be shown right alongside all the food that a user ever saved to Evernote using a desktop Web Clipper. Users will be required to just swipe or search to find what they're looking for. 


Users can create their own recipes; the Evernote Food app will recognise them and place them alongside everything the user has clipped. Interestingly, Sinkov shares that all that a user does in the app is in sync across their other devices. This way users can plan out their dinner party using the app on their iPad, then use their iPhone and go to any store. They can launch the app on their iPhone and view all the recipes as their shopping lists. It can then become their cooking companion by proving to be useful and showing them recipes while they cook. 


The Evernote Food 2.0 app allows users to discover great restaurants. The Restaurants section allows users to discover new restaurants and add them to their list and then track where they have been. For this, users have to tap in the search box and enter a name or cuisine type. Users can then choose a location anywhere in the world or stay local by choosing the Current Location option. The list and map will quickly update to show users all options in the chosen area matching their search, together with cuisine icons to help them identify the restaurant type – and sometimes, a menu. iPad users will be able to spot a map and list placed side by side. Those using the iPhone and iPod touch can switch between the two sections by tapping on the icon at the top right corner of the screen. The  middle tab of the Restaurant section is called Saved and the post shares that it is a user's restaurant to-do list. Simply put, a user can make lists for his town or wherever he goes. 

My Meals option on the Evernote Food 2.0 app

My Meals option on the Evernote Food 2.0 app



The My Meals option is available on the right-most tab in the Restaurant section. The option displays a list of every restaurant where a user has created a Meal. The user's entire Meal history is presented as a list and map for their currently picked location. For those who want to quickly recollect if they had been to that place, they will have to launch this view and then tap on the listing. 


The first three sections of My Meals 'are all about inspiration', as Sinkov puts it, and it is in the final section that these inspirations become memories. The way the section looks on the updated app has been redesigned with crisper navigation and a better looking photo grid. Users will have to tap on the plus icon to start capturing a new food experience. 


Users can give their Meal a name, choose their location and then click photos. If users have a big multi-course meal, then they should keep the app in camera mode and just click a new picture for every new dish.